Ground Contamination in San Francisco

The Birka-White Law Offices prosecuted a case against the City and County of San Francisco for ground contamination near the old “Geneva” bus maintenance yard, known as Paras v. City and County of San Francisco, Superior Court of San Francisco, Case No. CGC-08-473476. Some of the 22 properties experienced an oil-like substance percolating through their garage and basement floors. Testing revealed the chemicals to be oil based materials and also ethylene glycol (found in anti-freeze). These chemicals are directly associated with bus maintenance. The San Francisco street car maintenance facility is directly uphill and a short distance from the properties. Claims were filed against the City of San Francisco and the homeowners settled their individual claims with the City of San Francisco in February 2011.

This story was covered by Tom Vacar, Consumer Editor, KTVU Channel 2 at the 6:00 and 10:00 news on September 19, 2007. NBC Channel 11 also covered this story on September 21, 2007.